Sex Positive Triangle (NC)

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What is Sex Positive?

Curious about sex? Most of us are. But we have been brought up in a sex-negative society, so it is often difficult to find answers to our questions.

When we were younger, we couldn't find basic information to understand how our body worked. We were told "Don't touch yourself there." We learned from our family and society that those pleasant feelings in our bodies were bad.

This group wants to change that. Imagine a world where a person could talk about their sexuality openly. Imagine a place where the things you learned about your body when you were younger get reexamined to see if they fit your life now.

Sex Positive World

We are aligned with Sex Positive World (SPW), a global group which is spreading sex positivity and creating local communities around the world.

Have a look at Sex Positive World's Level System.

Research Triangle Park, NC

Why Triangle?

Research Triangle Park (RTP), was formed when technology companies began to move into the central North Carolina region in the 1950s.

Although the name now refers to the geographic region, "The Triangle" originally referred to the universities, (North Carolina State University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) whose research facilities and people attracted technology businesses to the area.

Most of our members live in the ever expanding suburbs around RTP.